In the second special legislative session of 2023, the Texas Legislature passed SB2 which created the newly elected Board of Director positions on every Appraisal District in Texas with a population greater than 75,000. This includes the Dallas Central Appraisal District.

You may not be familiar with the work of your local Dallas Central Appraisal District, but it is vitally important for the functionality of all 63 governmental jurisdictions inside of Dallas County. The Appraisal District is an independent governmental entity housed within the Texas Comptroller’s office that determines the fair appraised value of every property in the county, effectively determining the value on which property owners will pay taxes. 

The Appraisal District does NOT set your tax rate– tax rates are set by County, Municipal, State, and Federal level governmental entities. The Appraisal DIstrict instead works to determine a fair and equitable value of each property on which taxes are levied. 

The Dallas Central Appraisal District Board of Directors is the body that oversees the budget and processes of the DCAD, and consists of 5 members appointed or elected by governmental jurisdictions and three members elected at-large in Dallas County, as well as the Tax Assessor-Collector who serves as a non-voting ex-officio board member. This body approves the budget, appoints Appraisal Review Board (the board that hears appraisal protests) members, and provides oversight for the DCAD.

As your elected member of the DCAD Board of director, it is Kendall’s priority to ensure fair, equitable, and uniform appraisals, to ensure that citizens protesting their appraisals feel that they are treated fairly, and to make sure that mega-corporations are not able to obfuscate their tax obligations.

You can learn more about your local appraisal district, receive information on scheduled public meetings, and read budgetary documents/meeting minutes by visiting www.dallascad.org.